About Us
In 1946, when my father entered the tile trade, ceramic
tile was laid mainly on lath and mortar. It was built to
last and the test of time has proven that to be so.

In 1978, when I started my own tile contracting service,
things had changed. Ceramic tile was being laid
everywhere on
sheetrock backing. It didn't matter
what kind of sheetrock it was, it almost all failed
eventually in wet areas.

We repair and  remodel showers the right way. We set
tile on lath and mortar(mud as we say in the trade) or
with concrete board, which is the next best method.
Either method works great in wet areas and will work
great for your job too.

Our goal is simple,
make it last, make it work, and
make it beautiful. We understand how important it is
to respect our customer and their home while we are
there.In fact, we do it so well,
Nortex Tile is rated(5
stars) on Service Magic in the Dallas/Plano/McKinney
area. The highest ranking possible. You can't get a
higher ranking than that.

Please browse our Testimonal page and see what our
customers have to say about us. We hope, with your
permission of course, to someday see your testimonial
on our website. Let us show you how we back our
work with integrity, responsibilty and unequaled

D.  Koen,owner

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